MysteriousBeautifulSensuous –

The heart of Shanna LoPresti’s creations.


Many artist careers begin with an epiphany of some kind, and there are as many stories as there are individuals.  But this story has a most unusual opening scene.  Knowing it was time for change, Shanna LoPresti hopped off the seat of the Bobcat she operated at a construction site, hung up her hardhat, and turned 180 degrees to her true calling, creating art.


Fourth in a line of female artists, LoPresti’s early interests included engineering as well as art.  She explored various avenues including a role with the U.S. Department of Energy before earning her degree in design.  Wanting to create on a grand scale, LoPresti worked in construction for several years while continuing to pursue various forms of art.  On a whim at the end of a particular job, she visited a gem and jewelry show in Tucson.  This experience vaulted her into the world of gems where she spent the next decade running her own jewelry design business.  Today LoPresti’s designs have appeared in galleries around the world.  Her jewelry has been described as sculptural, rich, complex, textured, layered, deep, free, and mysterious


Against this backdrop, LoPresti began to express her artistic devotion through oil painting. Her paintings contain a sculptural quality, a softness that imparts an understanding of what the subject would feel like if you could reach in and touch it.   Thoughtfully composed, her creations convey a sensitivity to color that delights the most discerning eye. Leaving behind prescribed formulas, LoPresti’s paintings are imbued with intuition, spirit and emotionHer immense talent in this medium promotes fluidity and flexibility- from colors that are subtle to vibrant, forms that are delicate to sharp, and subject matter ranging from nature to abstractShanna LoPresti’s art embodies a vision that only an artist as unique as she can own.

Embrace the mysterious, beautiful, sensuous